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Natural Eco-Friendly Memorial Burials in Alston, Cumbria and the UK

— Natural Green Burials in Cumbria

Natural, or green, eco-friendly burial has become an increasingly popular choice in the UK. It helps the grieving to understand that their loss is a natural part of life and the planet’s life cycle. Our burial methods allows the interment of a body in soil in a way that doesn’t inhibit decomposition but allows it to be naturally recycled.

As both embalming and the use of traditional coffins significantly slow the breaking down process and also have a lasting impact on the immediate environment, green burial rejects these principles in order to allow natural decomposition. We return the body to the earth in as environmentally friendly way possible by returning it to the very soil from which everything grows. It is the friendly alternative to traditional burial.

Natural burial costs considerably less than traditional funerals and play an important role in conservation efforts. Natural burial in woodland or meadow sites in the UK is the perfect choice for anyone who enjoyed spending time in unspoilt nature and who was environmentally conscious. The essence of a green funeral is age-old elemental simplicity creating habitats for wildlife which is rich in flora and fauna.

Eco-Coffin Burials in Cumbria and the UK from Memotrees, Alston

— Natural Burial Ground Cumbria

Here in our meadow and woodland burial ground the deceased are buried in an eco-coffin which is fully biodegradable, sustainably sourced and could be made from willow, bamboo, seagrass or cardboard. We also accept interment without a coffin, perhaps just using a shroud of wool, cotton or jute.

Each grave is marked with the planting of a native memorial tree of your choice and a beautiful Lakeland Slate plague engraved to order is laid flat to the ground. We carefully record the position of each grave on a plan and mark each one with an underground peg. The peg incorporates a unique microchip identification number. We permit the placing of unwrapped flowers on the grave and families may plant native flowers and bulbs, for example, Primroses, Celandines or Violets which are in keeping with a woodland setting.

— About our burials

All burials are single depth and family members can purchase adjacent plots. Memotrees as members of the Association of Natural Burials Grounds (ANBG) and are bound by their Code of Conduct, aimed at ensuring the highest professional and environmental standards in natural burial grounds in the UK.

We do not provide a full director service, but we work alongside your chosen funeral director. Some families choose to hold a full service at the grave side, others have a service elsewhere and then come to the burial ground. Others have a small, private interment followed by a memorial service another day. There is no time limit; families are able to take as much time as they need. Please see our resources page for further supplier details, information and advice. We also have details of some local funeral directors and celebrates who we have worked with. Not to be infinite, we will continue to update our resources as our venture grows, alongside our trees.

Please see our price list or give us a call for more information.

Natural Burial Plots in Cumbria and the UK from Memotrees