Natural Ash Burial Urns from Memotrees in Alston, Cumbria

— Burial Urns

Many of us want to inter the ashes of our loved ones but you are probably wondering what type of burial urn to choose?

After death, many people choose cremation and there is a vast array of containers for keeping, storing, displaying and burying your loved one’s cremated ashes available.

Most family members choose not to bury the ashes of their loved ones in the same place that their cremation took place and indeed many traditional cemeteries will only allow burial of human remains if the urn is placed inside of a burial vault. The cremation urn vault is to protect against the weight of the soil and prevent the earth around the urn from collapsing after it has settled as it is said to spoil the flat, lawn effect of the land. Not only does the vault add on extra cost but they are made from very strong, durable materials, so although they protect against damage from the cemetery equipment, they are also detrimental to the environment, lasting for hundreds of years.

Natural Ash Burial Boxes from Memotrees, Alston

— Ash Burial Boxes

There are a number of reasons why you might consider choosing a cremation box for burial instead of a traditional urn. Ash burial boxes are simpler, more minimalist to look at if you are displaying it, and they also tend to be more stable than traditional urns and therefore less likely to tip over if it is to be displayed in your home for a period of time before burial. However, an urn with a secure screw top on it also ensures that you will never have to worry about the ashes spilling if it is tipped over.

There is something deeply satisfying about the idea of a loved one’s remains becoming part of nature’s enduring cycle of rebirth. A biodegradable burial urn made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled or handmade papers, salt, cellulose or other natural products has the advantage of allowing your departed friend or family member to gradually and naturally become part of the earth again with the added bonus of the urn also being eco-friendly and kind to the environment.

The urn or box will naturally biodegrade when buried in the earth. However, it will not begin to degrade until after the burial and can therefore be safely displayed until you are ready to do so.

— Sizes

A standard adult cremation urn is 200 cubic inches but choosing the right size urn is easy. To ensure the urn is big enough to fit the remains of an adult, for example, for every one pound of weight before cremation you will need 1 cubic inch of volume. Therefore, a loved one weighing 14 stone or 196 pounds will need an urn that is at least 196 cubic inches or larger. Many sizes of urns for ashes are available and choosing an urn larger than you need is o.k. Perhaps you may also decide to add in some additional items?

For those who wish to scatter some or all of the ashes – there are also Scattering Urns or Scatter Tubes available, again these are environmentally friendly often made from recycled material and we can also help you with this here at Memotrees.

Special urns are also available to keep the cremated remains of pets. Pet owners consider their pets as part of the family and so want to ensure they are given the best send off and want a memorial of their special friend. Many purchase urns to keep the cremated remains of their pet. These urns also come in different sizes offering perfect sizes for the remains of different sized animals from gerbils and rabbits to dogs and horses. They can either be kept in the house in a special place, buried in the garden, or here at Memotrees with a memorial tree that would keep their memory alive.

Biodegradable Burial Urns from Memotrees in Alston, Cumbria
Memorial Burial Accessories in Cumbria and the UK from Memotrees, Alston

— Special Memories

Keepsake / cremation jewellery such as pendants can be used to keep a very small token amount of ashes after burying or dispersing the majority of the cremated remains. This helps people keep their beloved ones close to them always even when they are not at home.

— Forever Urns

Memotrees are proud to work in association with Forever Urns Memorial Collection.

Forever Urns presents a wide range of ash caskets and urns from around the world. They have sought out skilled artisans who craft beautiful products from locally sourced, natural materials and visited most of the workshops to ensure they are ethically sound.

Some of these products are available directly from our online shop. However, if you see anything that you like that isn’t shown in our shop please contact us as we can supply all of the products, there are just too many to individually list.

Natural Burial Urns from Forever Urns