Ash Burials in Alston, Cumbria and the UK

— Ash Burials

Memotrees burial plots for ashes are located in a beautiful meadow on the edge of our memorial woodland. Call us to arrange ash burial in stunning surroundings beneath the Pennines near Alston, Cumbria

After a loved one is cremated, many people are unsure of what to do with the ashes, cremated remains, or cremains, as they are also known. In fact, surprisingly crematoria across the country are full of boxes of ashes that have been unclaimed or uncollected as family members often have differences of opinion as to what to do with them. Interment of ashes in a traditional cemetery can be a costly affair as you also need to buy the ‘exclusive right of burial’ for the plot and obtain a Certificate of Authority from the registry office. Memotrees natural burial ground is privately owned land entrusted for this purpose so we can make the entire process simple, eco-friendly and much cheaper than expected whilst at the same time also helping the environment by planting a beautiful memorial tree as a lasting legacy to be admired for generations to come.

Eco-Coffin Burials in Cumbria and the UK from Memotrees, Alston

— Natural Burial of Ashes

As a natural, green, eco-friendly burial ground we ask the next of kin to choose to either place the cremated remains of their loved one directly into the ground without an urn, box or casket and the ashes are mixed in with the soil and root ball of a memory tree of a native variety – see our tree selection page. This is a very cathartic process, returning the remains to the soil from which all things grow, a full circle of life, earth to earth, ashes to ashes experience. Alternatively, the ash burial can take place using a biodegradable urn or burial box sourced from sustainable means. There are a huge variety of these available and the costs vary significantly. We are happy to recommend some preferred suppliers but we do also provide a simple but beautiful biodegradable burial box or urn for ashes together with a stunning, strong, memory tree and beautiful Lakeland slate memorial plaque as part of our simple package.

— Costs

How much is a burial plot for ashes?

Memotrees ash burials starts from as little as £250.00 which includes a single plot and a sapling memorial tree. Our most popular ultimate green ash burial package includes a single plot, a biodegradable urn, a larger established memory tree of choice and also a beautiful natural Lakeland slate engraved memorial plaque for £450. However, the items can be mixed or matched as required and we are happy to supply a package that is right for you. Extra services, such as the use of a Celebrant, for example, are additional. Please contact us today. We are happy to advise and talk you through the options available.

Natural Burial Plots in Cumbria and the UK from Memotrees
Ash Burials in Cumbria and the UK from Memotrees, Alston

— Your Options

As well as burying all of the ashes, other options can also be considered. Some loved ones wish to only bury part of the cremated remains. Some choose to wander down to the riverside or up onto our hillside to scatter some ashes, embracing the feeling of release into the beautiful Cumbrian country side. We can also provide scatter tubes for this purpose. Some also choose to keep as small amount of the ashes to make into a piece of jewellery, an ornament or keepsake.

Whichever option you choose you can be assured that your loved one has been laid to rest in a beautiful, tranquil, natural burial site that you are free to visit during any daylight hours, 365 days of the year. Feel free to roam, wander along the banks of the SouthTyne River or sit a while to reflect, close to their lasting legacy memory tree as it grows alongside the others into a wonderful new woodland.

Memotrees, a gift that grows. A true gift to the environment.

— Forever Urns

Memotrees are proud to work in association with Forever Urns Memorial Collection.

Forever Urns presents a wide range of ash caskets and urns from around the world. They have sought out skilled artisans who craft beautiful products from locally sourced, natural materials and visited most of the workshops to ensure they are ethically sound.

Some of these products are available directly from our online shop. However, if you see anything that you like that isn’t shown in our shop please contact us as we can supply all of the products, there are just too many to individually list.

Natural Burial Urns from Forever Urns