Even in death, life needs to be celebrated

Memotrees make it easy and straight-forward to dedicate or plant a tree in memory of a lost loved one, here in the peaceful Cumbria countryside.

Memorial Tree Natural Burials in Alston, Cumbria

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Dedicate a pre-planted tree or plant your own tree in memory of a loved one.

Memotrees make it easy and straight-forward to dedicate or plant a tree in memory of a lost loved one, here in the peaceful Cumbria countryside. Nestled in an area of outstanding natural beauty, between the Lake District National Park and the North Pennines, we are based just outside of Alston, the highest market town in Britain. Being close to the Roman Wall and many other sites of significant interest, Memotrees is a natural, green and eco-friendly woodland and meadow burial ground surrounded by incredible and relaxing scenery.

Even in death, life needs to be celebrated.

Natural burial ideas in the UK

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The Memories which build forests of the future

Green burials, planting or dedicating a pre-planted tree in memory of someone special is a poignant and increasingly popular way to express our sorrow and allow a memory to live on. Planting a commemorative tree is a unique and touching tribute which serves as a living legacy to memorialise a loved one who has passed away. Planting a beautiful, native tree helps reduces your carbon footprint, adds to the creation of our woodland and establishes a home for local wildlife.

— Native UK Memorial Tree Species

Memotrees only use species that are native to our area, so they have the very best chance of thriving. When choosing your living tribute tree, it should not only be special but unique to the person you are commemorating. It could reflect the relationship you share or a memory of a certain time or place special to you.

Your message of love and respect is sure to be felt not only by all who see it but also to the environment.

— More than just a tree

Dedicate a tree today and make a difference not only to a grieving person but also to the planet. Appreciate the opportunity to provide a very special gift that connects people to nature. Planting a tree in memory of a loved one, then scattering their cremated remains around or planting them in with the root ball of the tree can often bring a sense of rejuvenation and hope. As the tree grows, its roots are nourished by the earth and ashes combined and this can bring great comfort.

We can also help you by planting a tree with the ashes of your loved incorporated in with the root ball. Using biodegradable urns is an increasingly popular way of paying tribute to your loved one, which creates a living memorial that incorporates their remains into the growing process. This can be a poignant and meaningful part of any outdoor memorial service; attendees can participate by helping cover the biodegradable urn with a small spade of earth or perhaps scatter flower petals after the planting is complete.

Visit our shop today and have a tree dedicated to your loved one, your family, yourself or just as an environmentally friendly gift to the World.

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